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  • Parents / Guardians seeking admission for their children are required to fill in the prescribed application form supplied by the school. No application form will be accepted unless all the entries are fully completed. 
  • Admission to LKG is generally announced in January / February. Four Years, as on July 1st of the current academic year, is the eligible age for admission to LKG. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the subsequent classes. 
  • Formal admission is complete only after the application form has been considered by the Principal and the parents are informed of the decision after an entrance test and interview of the child. Acceptance of an application does not imply admission. 
  • A student joining school for the first time must produce a satisfactory evidence of his/her date of birth certificate fromGovt.Hospital/ Nagar Palika / Village Panchayat Officer or Baptismal certificate. 
  • Once the Interview / Entrance Test is conducted and the list of the successful students is declared, no enquiry will be entertained by the office with regard to admission. 
  • Students coming from other towns on transfer could be considered in case of vacancies, only after an Entrance Test. No local migration is permitted. 
  • No student will be admitted to the school without a transfer certificate from the school which he / she attended. In no case shall the pupil be permitted to attend the class pending formal admission. 
  • A student when admitted on a Transfer Certificate, he/she shall not be placed in any class higher than that for which the certificate shows him/her qualified. 
  • The transfer certificate of a student joining from schools outside the Uttar Pradesh must be countersigned by the Educational authorities of the District in which the previous school is situated. 
  • Admission will be done only for students who come from recognized English Medium Schools. 
  • A student who does not complete the school calendar year is not eligible for promotion. Hence the admission will be done accordingly. 
  • The very condition of admission will be that Parents / Guardians will comply strictly with the timing and rules herein stated and pay the tuition fees and other charges by the due date. 
  • In all cases of re-admission after withdrawal/name being struck off, the full admission fee will be charged. 
  • The School Authorities reserve the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason. 
  • Certain percentage of seats is reserved for SC/ST students. 
  • Class XI: Admission to Class XI is not automatic for the students of class X of this school. It depends on merit based on the marks obtained in Half Yearly & Pre-Board Examinations of class X as well as the conduct record of the student during the years in the school. 
  • Generally no admissions are made to class X & XII. 
  • The final decision with regard to admission rests with the Principal.  Recommendations are not considered and donations are not accepted.