• Parents / Guardians are requested to send their children to school tidily dressed wearing the school uniform along with the ID cards. If the children fail to wear the uniform, he/she may not be allowed to enter his / her class. 


LKG & UKG: Checked tunic and white shirts for girls. Black shorts and checked shirts for boys. Red Belts, Black shoes and white socks and ID card. 

Classes I to XII (Monday to Friday)

  • BOYS: 

Class I to XII: Grey Shorts / Trousers and White full sleeved Shirts, Tie, Belt, ID card, black leather shoes and plain white socks for all. 

  • GIRLS: 

Class I to VIII: Grey skirt and White blouse, Tie, Belt, ID card, divided skirt from class IV to VIII.

Class IX to XII: Salwar (white) Kameez (Blue & white checked), black leather shoes, black ribbons and plain white socks for all. 

Saturdays: (Class IV to XII) 

White trousers and T-Shirt (according to the House) for the boys and full white uniform for the girls with white P.T shoes and white socks. 

  • Winter Uniforms: 

LKG & UKG: Blood Red Pull over.

I to XII: Grey V-necked full sleeve pullover with monogram for all. Girls are permitted to wear white slacks/stockings. Only Navy blue blazer with monogram is permitted.