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  1. Promotion at the end of the scholastic year depends on daily assessment. In order to avoid stress and strain at the end of the year, students are urged to work regularly. Education is more than securing a pass percentage of marks at the end of the year. Parents are requested to inculcate in their children habits of self study at home. It is necessary that children revise at home the lessons taught in school. Engaging tutors defeats the aim of self-study. 
  2. Their daily assessment will include written and oral work announced or unannounced. Hence parents are requested to send their children to school regularly, unless prevented by serious illness in which case a medical certificate should be submitted along with a leave letter. 
  3. Promotion will depend on the years performance. Hence there will be Two Class Tests, Two Terminal Tests, and Two Examinations of the students to register their progress.                     
  4. Regular attendance is expected from each student. If a student does not have 75% of the attendance for the year, he  /  she  will  not  be  permitted  to  appear  for  Annual examination. 
  5. Students who are absent for any test or examination due to sickness should submit Doctors Certificate at the earliest or before the examination period. 
  6. No test or examination will be held before or after the schedule. No re-examination will be taken if the students are absent for any test, examination or assessment. 
  7. A  student  who  takes  or  gives  dishonest  help  at  an examination  will  be  debarred  from  the  rest  of  the examination and he/she will be marked a zero. Such a student will be dismissed from the school. 
  8. For  the  purpose  of  promoting  a  student  to  a  higher standard,  he/she  should  obtain  the  minimum  pass percentage i.e. 35% in every Subject up to Class X, and 40% in Class XI & XII. 
  9. A student who does not appear for Annual Examination will not be promoted. 
  10. If a student is not able to appear for the whole or part of an examination, for a valid and accepted reason, his / her case could be considered on the strength of the years records specially the tests.
  11. A student who fails in diligence in study throughout the year will be asked to leave the School, so too, a student, who fails twice in the same standard. 
  12. A student of class IX and XI, to be promoted to the next class, is required to secure pass percentage for each subject in Half Yearly and Annual Examinations, in accordance with the attendance and pass criteria laid down by the council. 
  13. A student of class XI who does not achieve pass percentage in the Annual Examination will not be permitted to be a regular student in the same class. However he / she may be permitted to appear for the final examination at the end of the year at the discretion of the Principal. On passing in that examination, he/she may be admitted to the higher class  (XII) as regular student once again, in which case his/her attendance of Class XI will be accounted for. 
  14. A failed student forfeits all claims to concession in school fees. 
  15. All cases of doubt regarding promotions are left entirely to the discretion of the Principal, whose decision shall be final and in no case shall lie in any court of law in respect of his decision. 
  16. Answer scripts of half yearly examinations are shown to the students. Answer scripts of the Examinations are not shown under any circumstances to parents, private tutors or others.  Application  for  the  verification of marks in SPECIAL  and  rare  case  may  be  considered  at  the discretion of the Principal. All enquiries concerning examination results must be done in writing and not later than one month after the declaration of results. The School does not undertake to retain answer scripts of candidates who appear for these examinations for more than two months, after the declaration of the results. The result declared at the end of the year is final and not subject to reconsideration.