School Fee

  1. Fee is to be paid by the date mentioned in the Fee Record, for the entire term or year.

  2. Fee can be paid in cash or cheque drawn in favour of JYOTI NIKETAN SCHOOL. If the cheque is bounced back, fees will be paid in cash along with a fine of ` 500/-.

  3. After the due date, a fine of ` 30/- will be charged till the end of the month and thereafter ` 100/- will be charged per month. In case the fee remains uncleared for three consecutive months, the name of the defaulter will be struck off the rolls and if the student wants to continue re-admission fee (` 2000/-) will be charged.

  4. Those who leave in April will pay the fees for May and June as well.

  5. Students, whose dues are not cleared fully, will not be allowed to appear for the examinations.

  6. No exemption or reduction in fees will be made on account of any holiday or absence for any cause.

  7. Fee timings may vary when school timings change due to weather conditions.

  8. School fees once paid will not be refunded in any case.

  9. While applying for T.C., fee record should be produced.

  10. Note : The School reserves the right to add, alter, amend or cancel any of the rules/regulations given in this school diary at any time at its discretion which will be binding on students, parents/ guardians.